Linda Andersen

When people ask me if I like what I do, I say, “No... I love it.”

The pace is fast and the people fascinating. The pleasure I feel when my clients' goals are achieved is quite satisfying. Having come to real estate with many years experience in public relations (specializing in media relations and project management), I’m quite comfortable guiding people through high-stress processes, while staying on top of the myriad details that make a deal come together. Whether its rescuing journalists on assignment stranded in Papua New Guinea (all via telephone) or shepherding clients successfully through tension-filled multiple offer situations, I bring the same enthusiasm and commitment to the moment. Experiences like these have honed my skills in listening, negotiating, and following through... and in trying all avenues available to meet shared objectives.

Describing me as client-driven would not be an overstatement because I enjoy the challenge and the unpredictability of it all. I wake up each day with a plan and yet am happy to drop everything to tour a home that lingers in one’s memory as too special not to see again or to write a last minute offer on a home a client realizes in the middle of the night that they truly love.

I know when to be there for my clients, when to keep information close to the vest, and when to laugh out loud in jubilation because together we’ve made it happen... goals have been met and dreams have come true.

Do I like what I do? No... I love it!

Thank you for your continuing support!  Though the market changes, my commitment to you remains constant. Send someone you know to someone you trust, because...

Together We Make It Happen.

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Linda Andersen
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